The Noobz is out

Finally Blizzcon 2009 is here and so is the project I worked on !!!!
"The Noobz" the 1st Art toys from Blizzard Entertainment.

I presented the idea last year to different people at Blizzard by doing a 3d print of the design I created.

The licensing team was quite excited and after few weeks of talks they decided to produce it.

Blizzard contacted Bigshot Toyworks to clean, tweak and cut the model to make it ready for production. Scott Wetterschneider rework the model and even if few details changed I am quite happy that the overall shape is very close to my original model.

The paint design of the Raynor was designed by Brian Huang and supervised by Nick Carpenter from the cinematic team.
Then Bigshot Toyworks worked with Ben Mathis set up the UV's and laid out the graphics.

For the internal contest I wanted to participate instead of being a judge to push my idea to the end.

A group of internal judges picked the 3 designs they liked without knowing the name of who did the painting.
Lucky for me they picked my design :)

Murloc Madness
by Julien Lefebvre

I would like to thanks all the persons who participate to the contest check those links to see most of them, there is a lot of cool design.




Big special Congrats to John Butkus and Oliver Chipping the 2 others winners, I was very impressed by the amount of details they managed to put on it.
Fury of Ragnaros
by John Butkus
World of Warcraft team

by Oliver Chipping
Diablo III team

Big thanks to Blizzard Entertainment and the licensing team for make it happen

Thanks to the people that I worked directly with:

Nick Carpenter
Cory jones
Jason Bischoff
And aswell everyone else who supported the idea and participate to the production of it.

Thanks for the support and critics of few friends during the design of the 3d model.

Shimon Cohen
Matthieu Schneider
Sebastien Paviot
Chris Ha

And to my wife for supporting my crazy ideas and for following me around the world.

Anne-Sophie Lefebvre /gac

I hope that I forgot no one if it s the case let me know